Thursday, November 4, 2010

Texas, a really, really big state

We entered the state rather uneventfully through Louisiana. I really shouldn't say uneventfully, because it rained here at the border harder than anywhere else on this trip so far. We stopped at the rest stop/travel center to gather my horde of tourist pamphlets. I braved the downpour to get into the building...I had about 50 feet from my door to their door...I tried to count the rain as if it was waves, hoping that I could go after a rogue wave of water. It was all rogue rain, so I "ran" (really just the biggest steps I could muster and still continue forward) and was so drenched by the time I found sanctuary, my hair and face were so wet, that my glasses wouldn't stay up, and I was squeaking from all the water in my shoes.

I felt like I entered a library - this state is so big, it's broken down into 6 geographical areas....that meant aisles and aisles of brochures, maps, books..overwhelming. As I stood there dripping at the front door a nice lady offered me tissues for my face and glasses, and directed me over to the observation window to look at an alligator lying in the back "yard" looking as wet and miserable as me. Yay, I wasn't alone.

We stayed that night at a state park that claimed to be the alligator Capitol of the world. Never connected with any alligators, though. Th ranger said they don't like thunder, lightening and rain so they hunker down in the mud. I know how they must feel.

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