Thursday, April 26, 2012

This morning the water has been smooth and the sun is shining! A perfect day to pass through the Straits. It was. very cool to see Spain on the port side and Africa on the starboard side.

Our first stop after eight days at sea was the Canary Islands. We rented a car and explored one side of the island. Spent the afternoon at the Pyramids...well preserved with great walk-ways and easy access for me. They even had disabled parking!

Another full day at sea today and we visit Mallorca tomorrow. Maybe we'll get lucky and see Nadl practicing! For those of you who don't know - Raphael Nadl #1 tennis player, and quite a cutey in my opinion is from Mallorca:-)

Today we get a lecture about Pompeii...yeah, I'm getting ready to get my land legs back...4 more days in the Mediterranean and then Italy.


Tod and his regular multiple desserts

Pyramids on Canary Islands

Pizza and beer after trekking through the Pyramids

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