Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome to Denver

Well, we just completed the first leg...Denver "mile high city, land of the Broncos.  We have a lay-over here for 3 hours and we are lucky enough to leave from the same gate we arrived in.  When we gate-checked my scooter at Seattle, Frontier Air checked it through to Florida...handy yes; but that means no running around Stapleton for me.  Oh well
Tod reminds me that now I have time to start the blog.  I'd attach photos, but come on...it's an airport!

More again soon
Ciao. Nancy

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  1. Glad Dad made it thru the flight. Steph made it sound like it wasn't that pleasant of a trip for him. Saw the "doorman" pic he sent and it sounds like you guys are enjoying Florida so far.