Friday, October 15, 2010

Amish at the Walmart

Yesterday Tod fixed a wiring problem the (I don't think there is anything he can't do) and headed to Jackson Center for a tour of the Airstream trailer factory. It was a fun tour. Pretty cool to watch them bend the aluminum through to the final product. They are very well built, but ouch; they are pricey.
We drove through Columbus with skill and cunning. Dang gps wanted us to circle the whole city and to continue west. West was the big give away, so we ignored her and drove east. She finally figured it out and agrees with us.
We continued EAST to the lovely town of Cambridge, Ohio. It's a quaint historic town with old elaborate buildings and beautiful manicured lawns. The YMCA didn't have a pool or hot tub so we settled into the local Walmart parking lot. Went shopping and got my first taste of the locals...ran into 4 young men and women (late teens?) dressed in black from head to roe. The girls had long black skirts and black caps on their heads. The boys had subdued plaid shirts, suspenders, black pants and cool woven(noT exactly straw)hats. They all had that fresh from the farm look - no makeup and rosy cheeks. As I left the store behind them I noticed the boys ha d an opened Red Bull in their hand! So much for my ideas of these kids being more insulated from our culture. I googled (so sad that I don't know) the difference between Amish and Mennonite cultures and am sure these kids were of the latter. Guess we wouldn't see Amish at Walmart.
Today we will take the highway through beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania to Gettysburg. We're looking forward to shorter drive times and more exploring.
More again soon


  1. You're a journalist at heart mom. Your posting title totally sucked me in :)