Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What time zone are we in now?

I can't believe we crossed another time zone! I was reading my watch and feeling quite smug that I was actually on time for taking my evening meds, but no - my watch says 7 but the phone says 8. Did I doze off when we crossed that mystical line? Yesterday was a long day. Tod drove over 470 miles from beautiful La Crosse, Wi through Illinois and half of Indiana. We toured the Indy 500 speedway museum this afternoon and got back in the motorhome just before the skies opened up. The roads here are horrible! I-90 through Illinois makes our I-90 feel smooth as silk. We drove through Indiana and have stopped for the night at a nice state park near Jackson Center, Ohio. It's pouring down rain with gusty winds. It's a good thing I've seen some leaf changes.
We had our first mechanical breakdown

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  1. MORE PHOTOS! please! did you see loads of interesting folk at the indy 500?