Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, Say can You See?

We spent 3 full days exploring D.C. Beautiful buildings everywhere you look, and the history! Our first day was pretty wild...having to learn the bus system and the subway...on top of that trying to find elevators for me and my scooted. People were very helpful- on the first day into town a very nice lady walked us out of the subway and to the nearest Starbucks...thank you! Speaking of Starbucks, it isn't like home; no Starbucks on every other corner. Tod with his uncanny ability to find the mystical brew has managed to keep his veins pumping with his favorite elexor nearly everyday. We enjoyed museums and memorials, but it started to become sensory overload. I know which was the fattest president, most scandalous, oldest, tallest, fastest(you catch my drift) there were just too many people with overcrowded subways - it was time to head for the hills. On top of a mountain (eastern version of a mountain, mor like a tall hill) in Virginia was our next stop. Monticello, Jefferson's home was an architectural marvel with beautiful gardens and orchards, stables, brewery, wine cellars, slave quarters and everything else it took to run a 3000 acre farm. Original furniture, artwork, and his gravesite. Very impressive.
Time toleave Virginia and start our way south. We just crossed the border into Tennessee and head towards the Great Smokey mountains. I need some fresh air and nature after the hub-bub of the big cities

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