Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top of the Big Horn Mountains

We left Yellowstone late morning enjoying more wildlife, spectacular waterfalls, and smelly hotsprings, not to mention bubbling mud pits. Met a Big bison coming down the road. Needless to say, we gave him the right of way.
We came out of the park through Cody, Wy (not a pretty town, sorry Cody and then climbed 9000 feet through the Big Horn Mts. We're very impressed how the old girl (Toyota, not me) on how she's handling the mountains. Planning to drive to Gillette tonight, then on to So Dakota

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  1. Keep posting the photos! totally just pictured your "old girl" passing a bison. Dad- finally got some of your mail! nothing exciting yet. Today we took the dogs for a run, got a couples pedicure (todd painted his toes black!) and then ate an awesome dinner. We miss you guys and hope Ol' betty keeps up the high MPG and keeps you safe and dry. I am sure dad is listening to a lot of Eagles (hotel California) and Sting (fields of gold)..hang in there mom.