Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bonjourno Venice.

We have been here in Venice for 3 full days. Our apartment is the biggest yet and overlooks the canal. It's great fun to watch gondolas quietly slip by day and night. During the day this canal is conjested with barge type boats that are as close to Home Depot deliveries as one could get. I've seen pallets of tile, bags of cement and mixers, even appliances. It must cost a fortune to do any repair work.
Most of this city was built in the 1300's with narrow alleyways and bridges over canal fingers everywhere. I've been caught in passageways scraping both sides of my scooter along ancient can't be claustraphobic in this town.
We've hopped on the water bus and visted St Marco's Square, Rialto Market and the beach on the island of Lido. Home again for the evening watching Italian TV (crazy stuff), catching up on our electronic devices, drink Lemoncello (yum) and re-energize for another day of being "Venitian"
Here are some photos


You probably all know how much I love clowns...especially expensive Murano Glass clowns!

San Marco Square

Rialto Bridge - view from the water bus

On our water bus...a lady came with her dog and parked him right at Eric's feet....He wasn't too happy the rest of the ride

Venice is like Disneyland!

Location:Venice, Italy

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