Friday, May 11, 2012

Cia Roma (may 6)

We leave Rome today after 6 days of touring all the major sights. And so many more sights we didn't get a chance or have the endurance to see.

I was impressed with the Vatican - so many pieces of beautiful art, and St Peter's Basillica took my breath away. The immenseness of the Colliseum and Forum was unbelievable, just the engineering of such a site is unreal in modern times, let alone ancient times. Just imagine being able to exit 50,000 people in just 20 minutes. We'd never see that at Safeco field!

All in all, I enjoyed Rome. Yes, it's crowded, I seldom got a photo without hordes of people in them, and the drivers!!! What can i say??? If there are two marked lanes, there will be 3 cars, 3 scooters, and a bus all taking the same path!

All Roads lead to Rome, and everyone should visit it's magnificence at least once

Off to the countryside of Siena


Inside the Coliseum

Pompeii courtyard

Time for another bierre

Pompeii victim

Too many people!!!

Our tour guide of the Coliseum, Pantheon and Forum (heather trying to get out of the shot!)

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