Sunday, May 20, 2012

Germany: the land of speed and efficiency

We have been here in Munich 5 days now, and even though I'm comfortable with my surroundings (yes, must of the time I know which way to turn to get back to our hotel), I'm still at a loss for the German language. It seems that every word has six syllables, and I'm really butchering any attempt at pronunciation. I think my biggest problem is looking at the words from my Spanish background, and not looking at the words as English....german is closer to English any day of the week than Spanish...Oh well, I get a smile everytime I try, and that's what counts.

Yesterday we drove through beautiful countryside to visit King Ludwig's Castle. It is said that Disney copied this castle for Snow White's Castle, and they weren't kidding. It was a long hike to the castle (yes, I cheated riding my scooter), but couldn't use in the castle. I walked 600 steps touring the castle, and was weel worth it. The castle is elaborately carved, furnished, and designed in the mid-evil style, yet it was built in the 1800's. Ludwig was all about comfort ("flushing toilet") and cutting-edge technology (first telephones).

We got our first chance to drive the autobahn strange to not have any speed limit signs. I was frantically punching in numbers into my conversion program to figure out how fast we were "really" going. These guys drive comfortably at 120-130 miles per hour. Luckily the freeways are wide and smooth. Driving along at 105 and we would get pased by a "soccer Mom" like we were standing still!

Here are some photos:

King Kudwig's Castle

Don't know what this means, but check out the name!

Starbucks in downtown Munich was huge, clean and fast internet...loved that they served Pike Place coffee

Country side in way to castle

Passageway in the castle

A view from one of the windows at the castle

Some of the beautiful crowns we saw at the Palace.

Banquet hall in the Palace

Beautifully carved fireplace at the end of the banquet hall in the palace

Waiting for our turn to tour the castle

The lazy man's transportation to the castle. No, we didn't ride - we hiked (well, scootered for me). I climbed 600 stairs throughout the castle!!

Today is another beautiful day - expecting to be near 80. We are going a little north to visit the Daucha Concentration camp memorial and tomorrow to Salzburg, Austria.



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