Friday, May 11, 2012

Siena (may 10)

It has been one month today since we left home. Hard to believe the time ... We have seen and done a lot since getting off the ship. One very full week in Rome was overwhelming. The last four days here in Tuscany have been relaxing. We did several day trips including Pisa and Florence.
I really enjoyed Florence, a beautiful city with beautiful churches, buildings, bridges, cobblestone roads, and of course David. We visited many hill towns - all walled in, some even with moats. The countryside is beautiful - rolling green hills filled with vineyards and olive groves.

Today we head to Venice. We stop in Bologna for a tour of the Ducati Factory, then say farewell to our car and hello to bridges and gondolas.

Florence chalk art

Took a photo before I got caught

Exact replica of David outside. Heather tried to give him a "hug" in just the right spot, but alas; he's too tall:-(

Gelato store on the streets of Siena

My new favorite white wine....

View of old Siena from our apartment deck

i couldn't believe how many scooter were parked on this block

At the Ducati factory tour and museum

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