Monday, May 21, 2012

More on Munich

It's 4 pm on a beautiful Monday, our last day here in Munich. We're enjoying a wonderful cup of Pike Street blend at Starbucks:-)
It's been a tourist filled 6 days here. We spent a day at the beautiful English Gardens Park (better than Central has beer gardens and oompa-bands))
Yesterday we drove north of town to the Dachau Concentration Camp. I don't even know where to start...such atrocities happened here. It felt like a punch in the gut when I entered the crematorium. We walked through each room as if we were inmates...disrobe room and then "showers" the next room was body storage until ready for the ovens. We all learned about these camps in history class, and I thought I was prepared. But, the experience is overwhelming when you visit personally and listen to first-hand stories from some survivors. And learn about lives destroyed. It is a school requirement that school children experience the camp memorials...there is a plaque the Allies erected just past the gates...Never Again.
Germans are a people that strive for efficiency, comfort, convenience, technology, following rules....our kind of place except for the rules thing! Almost every German has a basic use of English and a sense of humor when I fall into role-playing to get my point/question across. A duck in Germany goes quack-quack, thank goodness!

The weight of traveling! Well...when I boarded the cruise ship in Florida over 4 weeks ago, I wore a pair of cargo pants that with my pockets full, they fell dow n. that's not happening any more! Looks like the food all day and all night on the ship for 15 days, pasta and pizza in Italy and schnitzel with lots of beer have taken their toll. Of course Tod is still as thin as's just not fair. Luckily the YMCA is my second home....find me there by June 2!!!

This was a tough room to visit

Probably someone on Tod's family tree

It was easy to get lost with town names like this

Maybe I'm still a kid...this makes me giggle every the way, it means exit

Strange little car at the museum

Todd, these are for you. Great displays about blacksmithing

Tonight we pack and head north to Rothenburg in the morning. We will be traveling the Romantic Road - full of estates and castles.



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