Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2nd - Rome

Yesterday we planned to visit the Pantheon, but it was closed for May Day holiday.  We visited fountains and statues and walked among the masses Today we toured the Vatican and had a great guide. The buildings were packed  and was difficult to move or see...I overheard a Dutch family that they thought it was so crowded because most countries had spring figures. Sigh We got through the museum and Sistine Chapel and went out to see St Peter's Basillica...the line was two  blocks long!  In the sun:-( We searched for the handicapped entrance and were able to get in reasonably pays to travel with the handicapped.  I felt relieved after spending so much energy going up and down high curbs every couple hundred feet The church was jaw dropping... I participated in a short part of a mass and found the Statue of St Andrew, the patron Saint of the parish I grew up in Sumner. I bought rosaries at the gift shop, and wish Mom was still alive to tell her how much it all meant to me. Tomorrow we have a very early day on a tour to Pompeii.  Can't wait Ciao!

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  1. Sounds like you are haveing great fun. We are reliving our trip to Roma. We've been to the places you describe, but not to Pompeii. So, do a good job describing that. Hurry home.