Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Hills are Alive....

We left Venice Tuesday morning and boarded the train to Munich. The trip was 6 hours of comfort and visual delight! We crossed sections of the Alps and the scenery was breathtaking. Bulzano, Italy is high in the mountains, and could easily pass as a quaint Swiss village. Along the way we saw castles perched on the top of mountain peaks. I wonder if the owners of these domains were (are) part mountain goat. We cruised through Austria, passing by the Olympic site in Insbruck....reminded me alot of Whistler, BC.

After many long tunnels through mountains, we arrived in Munich. I remember saying several weeks ago how much I liked Barcelona....well, Munich is a place I could easily live the rest of my life. It is both cosmopoliton and yet has the old world charm. We like to think of Portland as a bike/pedestrian kind of town, but Munich is unbelievable. So much of the whole area is devoted to pedestrians and bikes only...And the bikers are everywhere! On their cute commuter bikes with their briefcases strapped to the back, or tonight's groceries. Every age rides...the little ones ride in Mom's buggy or ride their own and tiny little old ladies hop on their bikes after visiting with friends over a cappicino. I haven't seen a single fat German!

Our first full day here we spent the day at the Descheutes Museum. It's the largest technical museum in the world, and absolutely facinating. We visited for 6 hours and got through the basement and ground floor...we still have 4 more floors we hope to see. Germany is very handicapped friendly and respectful. We were able to park right at the front door, and we both got in for half price. Oh, did I mention that they had the coolest, sleekest disabled bathroom I have ever seen? We have found abundant disabled Parking throughout the's great.

Today we went to the BMW museum and then to English Gardens Park. The park is the largest in Europe, and was great to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. Boy, these guys know how to make a park...creeks, lakes, bike paths, riding paths and of course playgrounds, rose gardens, and beer gardens. In the center of the park is the main beer garden with a 4 story bandstand carved from local Bavarian wood. The band was playing all afternoon and were dressed in typical Bavarian costumes including the cute hats with a feather.

Beer and food!!!! There were pretzels the size of a baby, roasted chicken that smelled heavenly and every kind of sausage and potatoes mixtures I have ever seen. Oh the was mouth watering.

Tomorrow we will visit palaces and more of the museum. Saturday we venture out of town and see "Mad"King Ludwigs castles...the one that Disneyland's Snow White's castle is copied from...can't wait!

I loved this beer...and beer is (relatively) cheap here:-)

Now, this is established beer!

Tod's dinner - a plank full of ribs and baked potato along with the best garlic bread he's ever had

Heading into one of the beer gardens at the park

Hope eveyone is enjoying the spring weather at home.
Four more days in Munich area and then the Romantic Road to Rothenburg for a night. Frankfurt soon to see our German friends


Location:Munich Germany

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